Wholefoods with Fresh Grain Porridge - Recipe

also called Fresh Grain Muesli or Organic Muesli

German Expression: Frischkornbrei or Frischkornmuesli

It has to be fresh if it is to be truly wholesome and healthy.

From whole grain to fresh grain porridge and true organic muesli

Everyone knows muesli today, but who knows the difference?


This page is intended to show you how simple healthy, "whole-food" nutrition is. There are mueslis named after Bircher-Benner and other personalities such as Dr. Schnitzer or Dr. Bruker. The decisive factor for a wholesome muesli or a wholesome fresh grain porridge according to the rules of the wholefood diet is the use of fresh, germinable grain with fresh fruit.

Nutrition according to the rules of the wholefood diet means, among other things, in simple terms: eating food as naturally as possible. The more natural a meal is, the richer in vitamins, vital substances and nutrients it is, in short, the more "wholesome" it is. Of course, this principle also applies to muesli.

Ready-made mueslis, possibly roasted or otherwise refined for the alienated palate of the modern consumer, have very little to do with the muesli that is supposed to be wholesome in the sense of Dr. Schnitze and Dr. Bruker.


Wholefoods - Why?


Preparation of the fresh grain porridge
A recipe with endless variation possibilities


Grind grains

Freshly grind or coarsely grind germinable grain or grain mixture of your choice with a grain mill or crush with a flaker or a flake crusher.


Shredded wheat must be soaked for c. 8 hours for fresh grain porridge!

Only through soaking does the grain develop its full strength.

As natural as possible, yes, but you will not want to consume the grain, in this case wheat, in its raw state. It would also overload your digestive organs.


Soak grains

Therefore, soak the grain in water for 6 - 8 hours or overnight. Only then does the grain develop its full strength. The coveted enzymes that are necessary for optimal utilisation of the nutrients in the organism are formed. Water that has not been absorbed by the grain should not be thrown away carelessly, because it contains the valuable nutrients.


Prepare grain:

Wheat freshly milledSoak ground wholemeal wheat in waterLet wholemeal wheat steep overnightSoaked wholemeal cereal ready for the preparation of the fresh grain porridge

The ingredients: Fresh fruit and whipped cream

Fresh fruit and cream with the fresh grain porridge

Garnish your individual fresh grain porridge with fresh fruit of your choice. Depending on the season, the fruit varieties change automatically, so it never gets boring. The base should consist of grated or shredded apples. Grated apples release their flavour and lighten up the fresh-grain muesli. How you chop the fruit is up to your taste. Some like it finer, others coarser.

You can also add nuts, sultanas, vanilla, freshly squeezed lemon juice and/or dried fruit, depending on your taste.

The decisive factor in fresh grain porridge is the freshly ground and soaked grain.


The daily muesli from TOP-Emma:

Fresh fruit or dried fruit for fresh grain muesli


Garnish and serve:

The ready-made fresh grain porridge from TOP-Emma grain mills

Layer the fruit on top of the cereal and add the whipped cream. Mix well and enjoy.

This is a great way to start a new day with joy and vigour.


One more thing to note:

If you like it very sweet, you can add honey, but never sugar, not even raw cane sugar, even if it is supposed to be wholesome. There is no such thing as whole-food sugar, no matter how brown and "unpurified" it may be, because sugar remains sugar - a denatured extract from sugar plants. Sugar with muesli ( also bean coffee ) has a counterproductive effect and could give you a stomach ache.

The husk of the ground wholemeal has a positive effect on the intestines or digestion. Whole grain in combination with sugar can have exactly the opposite effect.


The quick muesli for immediate consumption:

When crushed with a grain mill, the husk remains hard, which is why immediate consumption is unpleasant. The ground grains are also difficult to digest without prior soaking.

With a flaker or a flake squeezer, the husk of the grain is violently compressed and is thus better prepared for immediate consumption. This makes it easier to do without prior soaking.

Oats are best suited for quick muesli, as they are softer than other types of grain such as rye, spelt or wheat.



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